4.91 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
Superb administration - Very quick, dependable with reliable cost.  Numerous others neglected to alter it; they did it without any issue.
They are very efficient Diagnosed and solved my games console in no time, quick respond with absolutely professional assistance - Highly recommended
They have the ability to provide an accurate and economical diagnosis for my playstation 4 and their standard  turnaround service is faster than others. They provide our expensive gadgets in a managed service sense.
'Great job'
Approached these guys for xbox 360 repair for which they responded to my call of request in a very quick time,. the prices for the services they provided are also less and fair. Highly Recommending them.
The service provided by these guys for my device is really awesome in time. They suggested me a good solution and fixed the issue in reasonable price.
The guys here are truly brilliant and amazing to provide trust worthy services in a quick span of time in a fair price to recommend them.
Very honest and amazing services. I would not hesitate returning here; I thought I had for sure messed up with my device until they fix it and it’s as good as new. Would definitely recommend them to my friends.
Frankly speaking all the repair services was pretty quick and cost of service is unbelievably cheap. He came up with a good solution instantly. One of the happy customer recommending their business.
Super friendly and totally down to earth delivered amazing services for my device in a fair amount of time. They voiced exactly what was wrong with the device and what they were doing before solving the issue. Awesome services need to be recommended for everyone.
Excellent, Fast, and reliable service for my device when I brought it here Last month. It looked like a brand new after the repair, no problems with it since.
The reason why I am taking my time writing the review, because of their top notch services for my device in a reasonable time. Will definitely go back if I need to.
Contacted this store when I had a broken XBOX, for which diagnosed the problem right on the spot and resolved the issue with in a span of 24 hours. They even afforded me a bag at free of cost to carry it back as I forgot to bring a bag. Excellent customer service, fair price, quick fix time and high quailty work.

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